Classification and Network modelling

In collaboration with the European Association for Data Science (EuADS). Session organized by B. Lausen.

B. Lausen. Ensemble classification.
I. Gollini. Latent variable modelling of interdependent ego-networks.
A. Caimo. Improving the efficiency of Bayesian computation for network models.

Statistical Learning in Data Science

In collaboration with the Portuguese Statistical Society (SPE). Session organized by P. Brito.

M.G.M.S. Cardoso. On clustering validation: the internal perspective.
P.P. Rodrigues. Controversies in Health Data Science.
L. Torgo. Data Pre-processing Methods for Forecasting with Spatio-Temporal Data.

Visualization and analysis of modern data

In collaboration with the Bernoulli Society (BS). Session organized by Po-Ling Loh.

J.P. Long. Mapping the Milky Way Halo: Modeling and Classification of Sparsely Sampled Vector Valued Functions.
Y. Benjamini. Summarizing linearized prediction models along feature groups.
T.H. McCormick. Using Aggregated Relational Data to feasibly identify network structure without network data.

ISBIS Session

In collaboration with the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics (ISBIS). Session organized by D. Banks.

D. Banks. Statistical Issues with Agent-Based Models.
T.A. Oliveira. Balanced Incomplete Block Designs: Some applications and visualization.
P.C. Rodrigues. Randomized singular spectrum analysis for long time series.