Abstract Submission

Next to keynotes and invited sessions, DSSV-ECDA features contributed presentations in the form of short interactive talks. Speakers are assigned their own virtual room in a contributed session and should prepare a small number of slides for a 5-minute-presentation. Conference participants can freely move between the various virtual rooms during a contributed session in order to talk to the speakers. The prepared slides thereby serve as the basis for the conversation between the speaker and the participants in the room. Hence, the speakers will have multiple conversations about their research with different audiences during the session.

If you wish to submit an abstract for a short interactive talk, you can do so below. You will be redirected to our abstract submission system in which you first need to create an account. Please note that you will be asked if you wish to submit your abstract to the DSSV track or the ECDA track. Abstracts should be about 150-350 words in length and in text-only form without any mathematical formulae. They are submitted via a text box on the abstract submission page.

The extended deadline for abstract submissions is May 15, 11:59 PM CEST. The decision of acceptance will be sent to you at the latest on May 30.