The IASCERS summer school 2017 on


will take place in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in the period 30 August – 1 September 2017 and it is organized by the Institute of Statistics, University of Neuchâtel.

About the IASC-ERS summer school

The IASC-ERS summer school is intended to provide training in special areas of statistics for PhD students, junior researchers and lecturers at universities. Professionals working in industry who are interested in the application of new statistical methods are also welcome to participate. Participants are expected to have good background in statistics at the M.Sc. level although not necessarily related to the subject of the course.

Aims of the summer school

Probabilistic sampling methods from finite populations are used in many fields, from demographics, economics, public health to official statistics, but also in environmetrics or forestry. In this summer course we will start by introducing basic ideas of sampling from finite populations, as well as usual estimation methods. Advanced sampling methods will also be covered, showing recently proposed methods, such as balanced sampling, balanced spatial sampling, etc., as well as advanced estimation methods based on bootstrap in finite populations. The summer course will bring together the theoretical and practical aspects of sampling and estimating in finite populations. Exercises will be provided using the R software. Knowledge of R is not required (an introduction to R will be given), but knowledge of a statistical software is a must. The course is given at the M.Sc. level, and does not require preliminary knowledge of sampling and estimation in finite populations.

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