The Latin American Regional Section (LARS) of the IASC has its own Statute, Board of Directors and Officers. It is composed of the members of the IASC residing in Latin America. It is responsible for the organization of activities and events such as Latin American Conferences on Statistical Computing (LACSC).

The establishment of the Latin American Regional Section will be on the agenda of the IASC General Assembly during the 22nd International Conference on Computational Statistics, held in Oviedo, Spain, August 23-26, 2016.

The mission of the LARS is to promote Latin American co-operation in pursuing the aims of the IASC. In particular, the IASC-LARS will, in the Latin America context, aim to further the progress of the theory, methods, and practice of statistical computing and to foster interest and knowledge in effective and efficient statistical computing through international contacts among statisticians, computing professionals, organizations, institutions, governments.

To achieve its mission, the IASC-LARS will:

  • organize international or regional seminars, schools, conferences and meetings. In particular, the LARS shall be responsible for arranging Latin American conferences on computational statistics, which are abbreviated to LACSC meetings hereafter;
  • promote research and training programmes on theoretical and practical aspects of computational statistics;
  • foster evaluations of statistical computing techniques and programs;
  • publish scientific periodicals and books, reports and newsletters, independently or in cooperation with other organizations;
  • collaborate with other bodies having similar objectives.