The elections for IASC Officers (2017-2019) were conducted from 11 April to 11 May 2017.

Twelve IASC members have been elected as Officers for 2017-2019:

President-Elect 2017-2019: Jürgen Symanzik

 Secretary 2017-2019: Ying Chen

Treasurer 2017-2019: Casper J. Albers

Webmaster 2017-2019: Han-Ming Wu


Council Members 2017-2019

There were ten candidates for eight positions, the outcome is:

  • Jaeyong Lee
  • Sugnet Lubbe
  • Francesco Palumbo
  • David W. Scott
  • Javier Trejos Zelaya
  • Stefan Van Aelst
  • Michel van de Velden
  • Thomas William Yee

Their term of office will start after the WSC 2017 in Marrakech.