The 2017 IASC-ARS Conference
The 2017 IASC-ARS conference will be held at University of Auckland, New Zealand, on 10-
14 December 2017. This is a joint conference of the Asian Regional Section of the
International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC-ARS) and the New Zealand
Statistical Association. More details can be found on our website .
The conference marks the retirement of Ross Ihaka, one of the two co-founders of R. The
plenary speakers will be Jennifer Bryan, Ross Ihaka, Luke Tierney, and Simon Urbanek.
There will be a young statisticians event and pre-conference R workshops.
Abstract submissions have closed and acceptance letters will be sent to the authors around
5 October 2017. All presenters must be registered by 8 November in order to be included in
the schedule and programme booklet.
Early bird registration closes on 20 October 2017. From 21 October to 8 November 2017 the
standard registration fee will apply.
Draft versions of the schedule should be made available at the conference websites in late
November. Information for presenters will also be put there.
We look forward to seeing you in Auckland!

3rd Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing (LACSC)
The 3rd Latin American Conference on Statistical Computing (LACSC 2018) will be held in
San José, Costa Rica, from 27 February to 2 March 2018. More details about the 3rd
LACSC can be found on our website

The 23rd International Conference on Computational Statistics will take place in Iasi,
Romania, on 28-31 August 2018. A number of tutorials will be given during the conference.
The conference is sponsored by the European Regional Section of the IASC and is
organized by the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi.
Details are available at

Young Statisticians Group (YSG) IASC Session
A “Young Statisticians Group IASC Session” is organized at the 2017 IASC-ARS conference.
Three Speakers will present their works:

– Yu-Chung Wei, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
– Liang-Ching Lin, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
– Tso-Jung Yen, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Joint Summer School on Clustering, Data Analysis and Visualization of Complex Data

The Joint Summer School on Clustering, Data Analysis and Visualization of Complex Data
will take place in Catania, Italy, on 21-25 May 2018. The summer school is a joint effort by
ERS-IASC (European Regional Section of International Association for Statistical
Computing), ECAS (European Courses in Advanced Statistics) and CLADAG (Classification
and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Statistical Society). More details can be found at