Search for posdoc candidates at the MODES group

The modeling, optimization and statistical inference (MODES) research group of the
University of A Coruña (UDC) will soon call for posdocs to be hired via research funds
already obtained by the group, and will also participate in several competitive calls for
posdocs interested in carrying out their research within the group. The salary of these
contracts will be similar to the Juan de la Cierva Incorporación, Juan de la Cierva
Formación and Ramón y Cajal contracts (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in
Spain). MODES is part of the Research Center for Information and Communication
Technologies (CITIC), distinguished in 2016 as one of the only five singular research
centers in Galicia (NW Spain) by the Department of Culture, Education and
Universities of the Galician Autonomous Government. Several of the members of
MODES are associate researchers at the Technological Institute for Industrial
Mathematics (ITMATI).

The posdoc fellows will carry out their research in the fields of statistics or operations
research, and may also be included in some of the research projects that MODES leads
in collaboration with companies. The MODES group has been recognized as a
competitive reference group by the Galician Autonomous Government since 2007.
The group members are authors of more than a hundred publications in the period
2013-2017 in international high impact journals.

The required profile is a doctor in statistics or operations research, with a good record
of publications in one of these areas. Postdoctoral experience will be valued but
candidates who will obtain their PhD in a very short time are not excluded.

Those interested should send their expression of interest, accompanied by an
electronic copy of their CV, by email to the address , not later
than December 13 th , 2017. Expressions of interest have a free format but must
indicate, at least, the candidate’s academic background, experience and motivation.
Names of reference researchers who could report on the candidate are welcome.

For more information on the research lines of the group, please visit MODES website , or contact Ricardo Cao, coordinator of the group MODES,
at the e-mail , or any other researcher in the group.