Search for candidates for Beatriz Galindo tenure track position (BEAGAL 18/00143) at the research group MODES

The modeling, optimization and statistical inference (MODES) research group of the
University of A Coruña (UDC), Spain, integrated in the Singular ICT Research Center,
(CITIC), is looking for candidates for a Beatriz Galindo (BEAGAL 18/00143) junior teaching,
research and knowledge transfer contract for distinguished researchers in Complex and
High-dimensional Data Analysis (within the field of Mathematical Statistics).

Candidates must:

− Have been awarded his or her PhD ≤ 7 years prior May 24th 2019.
− Have been engaged as a teacher, researcher and/or team coordinator in a recognized foreign (outside Spain) R&D&I institution after completing his/her PhD.

The selected researcher will be given a full-time four-year distinguished researcher
contract of employment. The gross salary, including income taxes, social insurance costs
and final pay, is 45.000 € per year.
UDC will undertake to provide the selected researcher with any facilities, material
resources or training opportunities he/she may need in order to carry out his/her work,
and to guarantee him/her the same rights and entitlements as any other employee of the
same category.
The official call with full conditions and the unofficial English version are available at:
contract BEAGAL 18/00143.

The deadline for applications is May 24 th 2019. Applications and support documentation
will be submitted using the form provided on the Ministry of Education Online Services
Site at . The form will be in
English and should be completed in the same language. Applications submitted by any
other method will not be considered.
For more information, please contact Ricardo Cao (, coordinator of the
research group MODES, or Ana Almécija (, MODES administrative
assistant, or visit MODES website Interested candidates can
visit the CITIC website, the Research Center for ICT at UDC,
where the recruited researcher is expected to integrate.


Download: Beatriz_Galindo_announcement_MODES