Officers 2019-2021

Congratulations to our newly elected officers! Thanks to everyone who participated in our elections.

The IASC Nominating Committee consisted of Juergen Symanzik (United States; Chair), Wing Kam Fung (Hong Kong), Ana Aguilera (Spain), Alba Martinez-Ruiz (Chile), and Michel van de Velden (Netherlands).

President-Elect: Christophe Croux (France)
President: Juergen Symanzik (United States)
Past-President: Wing Kam Fung (Hong Kong)
Scientific Secretary: Abbass Sharif (United States)
Treasurer: Sugnet Lubbe (South Africa)
Webmaster: Han-Ming (Hank) Wu (Taiwan)
ISI WSC Conference Officer: Anne Ruiz Gazen (France)
ISI Nominations Officer: Rosaria Lombardo (Italy)
Publication Officer: Paulo Canas Rodrigues (Brazil)
Summer School Officer: Francisco Louzada (Brazil)
Young Statisticians Representative: Yoshikazu Terada (Japan)
Membership Officer: Ying Chen (Singapore)
Data Analysis Competition Officer: Zdenek Hlavka (Czech Republic)
Outreach Officer: Luis Firinguetti (Chile)
IASC Statutes Review Officer: Berwin Turlach (Australia)