IASC News January 2020

Call for Papers: Journal of Data Science, Statistics, and Visualisation

Website: jdssv.org

The Journal of Data Science, Statistics, and Visualisation (JDSSV) is an international refereed
journal which creates a forum to present recent progress and ideas in the different disciplines
of data science, statistics, and visualisation. It welcomes contributions to data science,
statistics, and visualisation, in particular, those aspects which link and integrate these subject
Articles should be oriented towards a wide scientific audience, and can cover topics such as
machine learning and statistical learning, the visualisation and verbalisation of data, visual
analytics, big data infrastructures and analytics, interactive learning, and advanced computing.
Papers that discuss two or more research areas of the journal are favoured. Scientific
contributions should be of a high standard.

The journal explicitly welcomes contributions that include software with the aim of
reproducibility of the results and application of the proposed methodology to other data by the
reader. It is expected that data used in a paper are provided.

Supported by
• The International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC, owner)
• International Statistical Institute (ISI)

Editorial Board
• Patrick J.F. Groenen (Editor, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
• Stefan van Aelst (Editor, KU Leuven, Belgium)
• Ann Maharaj (Copy Editor, Monash University, Australia)
• Alexandre Francisco (Web Editor, Técnico Lisboa, Portugal)

Advisory Board
• Jan de Leeuw (UCLA, USA)
• David Hand (Imperial College, UK)
• Trevor Hastie (Stanford University, USA)
• Peter Rousseeuw (KU Leuven, Belgium)


IASC Supports the 2nd Conference on Statistics and Data Science

The 2nd Conference on Statistics and Data Science (CSDS 2019) was held in Salvador, BA,
Brazil, from November 18-20, 2019. There was a total of 146 participants from seven countries,
with a total of about 80 contributions. The local organizers are very thankful to IASC for
financial support that helped cover the participation of about 10 local students!


Final Reminder: Free Access to Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (CSDA) in Print & Online

As a member of IASC, you automatically gain free access to Elsevier’s CSDA journal. Upon
request, you can also obtain the print issues of CSDA at no extra cost. Please select this option
in your upcoming membership renewal and also send a confirmatory e-mail to Margaret de
Ruiter-Molloy at the ISI Permanent Office if you want to obtain the free print issues. If you were
an IASC member in 2018 and/or 2019 and intended to obtain the print issues, but did not
receive them, also reach out to Margaret by the end of January 2020. Similarly, if you cannot
access the CSDA articles online, also reach out to Margaret. Likely, you need a new access
token or password from Elsevier.
Data Science, Statistics, and Visualization Conference
(29-31July 2020—North Carolina)

We are delighted to announce that the 2020 Data Science, Statistics, and Visualization (DSSV)
conference will be held on 29-31 July in Durham, North Carolina, USA. It is led by the
International Association for Statistical Computing, it is hosted by the Statistical and Applied
Mathematical Sciences Institute, and it is sponsored by SAS, the statistical software company
headquartered in North Carolina.
Visit the website for the DSSV-conference and additional information and updates will be
posted there as details are finalized. The plenary speakers are David Dunson, Bobby
Gramacy, Cynthia Rudin, and Ming Yuan.

News from the IASC Executive Committee (December 2019 / January 2020)

Happy New Year – and all the best for 2020 from the IASC Executive Committee (EC). We will
have an exciting list of events with upcoming conferences in Mexico City (Mexico), Durham
(North Carolina – United States), and Bologna (Italy). See our events calendar for further
details. If you haven’t done so yet, please renew your membership with IASC (and ISI) via the
ISI web page.
To guarantee a permanent representation for its DSSV conference and its new JDSSV journal
in its Executive Committee, we invited David Banks (United States) and Patrick Groenen (The
Netherlands) as DSSV Representative and JDSSV Representative, respectively, as additional
ex-officio EC members. Welcome, David and Patrick.
Budget discussions, in particular for JDSSV, and a general discussion on the continued use of
Loomio, a decision-making software, were some of the agenda items in the past two months.
Loomio will be no longer free of charge in the future. If you have worked with any similar free
software that allows internal discussions and voting, please let us know in the next few days
so we can consider that software as a possible replacement for Loomio.