Dear Colleagues,

This is the time of Covid-19 when everyone has to make an effort to stay home As
much as possible. However, learning must go on.
From the platform of PISTAR, I am happy to share with you the commencement of a new
initiative, the PISTAR International Training Program (a series of online training
workshops during the coming months and years).
The Brochure for the First International Training Workshop on “Tidyverse ggplot2 for
Elegant Data-Visualizations” is being presented.
I look forward to your active participation and support in order to make this
initiative a success. Please do spread the word far and wide — through WhatsApp,
email, Facebook and through telephone calls to your colleagues and friends.
I am optimistic that, with your kind support, we will get not only participants from
within Pakistan but also some international participants which will be the commencement of
a new dimension for PISTAR, the brainchild of one of the most leading statisticians of
Pakistan, late Professor Dr. Munir Ahmad.

With best regards,
Dr. Saleha Naghmi Habibullah
Professor of Statistics,
Kinnaird College For Women, Lahore, Pakistan
Honorary Director,
Pak Institute of Statistical Training And Research (PISTAR).

DOWNLOAD: GGplot_Workshop_06_27_2020