Dear Attendees of the IASC / ISI Webinar,

We want to sincerely apologize for the technical difficulties we encountered on Day 1 of the IASC / ISI Webinar “Capacity Building for Statistician on Modeling Financial and Agricultural Data Using R”. Unfortunately, after the opening address given by Prof. Sugnet Lubbe, the IASC Treasurer, we lost all connectivity and were unable to continue with the following presentations. We were unable to restore the connection and continue during the scheduled time interval. We are very sorry for this inconvenience on your side.

We have changed some of the setup for the next three days and plan to proceed as follows:

  • Day 2, 17 September: Introduction to R for time series analysis & Training on R for elementary financial time series (Dr. Adenomon, 80 min)
  • Day 3, 18 September: Benefit of becoming member of young statistician-IASC and Introduction to ANOVA in R (Prof Olubosoye, 60 min)
  • Day 4, 19 September: Intermediate ANOVA with R (Adeniran Adefemi, 60 min)

If you have previously registered for Days 2, 3, or 4, all of these registrations remain in place. If you only registered for Day 1 and still plan to participate in this presentation on Day 2, please register for the Day 2 activities. You will receive a new e-mail with the access information. This will give you access to both of the presentations on Day 2.

Apologies again for these unexpected technical difficulties.



Juergen Symanzik

IASC President 2019-2021