The International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC) announces the Data Analysis Competition 2023.

IASC is an Association of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) whose objectives are to promote the theory, methods, and practice of statistical computing and to foster interest and knowledge in effective and efficient statistical computing through international contacts among researchers and professionals in statistics, computer science, and related areas at universities, organizations, institutions, governments, and the general public in different countries of the world, to convert data into information and knowledge.

For the 2023 Data Analysis Competition, the presentation of the winning poster will be supported by a travel grant (max 1500EUR). This presentation can take place at the 64th ISI World Statistics Congress in Ottawa (July 16-20, 2023) or at any other conference organized by IASC (see The winners will also be invited to submit a manuscript for possible publication (following peer review) to IASC’s Journal of Data Science, Statistics, and Visualisation (see In addition, IASC will sponsor the registration fee at the 64th ISI WSC and one year IASC membership to all authors of submissions selected by the Committee on Data Analysis Competition; see for an overview of IASC membership benefits.

Motivated by the current state of world, the theme of the 2023 competition is around data analysis of disasters, illnesses, and other unfortunate events. Of course, it is possible to investigate also any other related issues (effects on health, education, industry, finance, environment, social inequalities, etc.) In your analysis, you may concentrate on individuals, a single region (e.g., your own country), a continent or even the entire world but, most importantly, the submission should clearly describe the significance of your findings and, if possible, also describe a feasible remedy.

The primary data set may come from one or more databases but connecting information from different databases may help to obtain interesting and original conclusions. Unfortunately, there are currently all too many data sources related to wars and invasions, infectious diseases, climate change, or other crises, allowing to investigate various effects of the disaster itself or to compare effectiveness of possible treatments (e.g., governments’ actions).

Your entry must be submitted as a poster in PDF format and you must clearly specify the source of your data, i.e., by listing the relevant URLs and the steps required to obtain the data.
The competition is open to everyone who is interested in presenting their poster at WSC 2023. You are allowed to work individually or in a small group of up to five participants on your poster. Posters will be judged according to these criteria:
1. Appropriateness of analysis.
2. Novelty of approaches used in the analysis.
3. Clarity of objectives, presentation, displays, and results.
4. Computational aspects, data management, and reproducibility.
5. Significance of findings and overall quality of poster.

Not all posters are expected to meet all criteria to the same degree. Your poster may contain links to databases, computer programs, animations, and other external sources and it may (but need not) be accompanied by a short description (maximum five pages). All materials must be submitted in PDF format.
Updates and results of previous editions of the Data Analysis Competition may be found at

Final submissions (PDF) are due on 14-th March 2023.
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For all inquiries contact: Associate Professor Zdeněk Hlávka:

Christophe Croux
President of the IASC

Zdeněk Hlávka
Chairman of the Organizing Committee