The Department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Padova,, announces
the opening of a selection to award a 24 months research grant for innovative and excellent research
projects proposed by young independent scholars within the framework of the Project of Excellence
“Statistical methods and models for complex data”. The Department of Statistical Sciences is a
department of excellence whose project “Statistical methods and models for complex data” has
been financed by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) at the beginning of
2018. The project will last for five years, from 2018 to 2022, and details on the project activities are
available at this link

In particular, the Project of Excellence (PE) purpose is to develop novel skills for the analysis of
complex data, according to the following progress lines:

a) To the overcoming of deficiencies of the current statistical methods and models for data
characterized by various forms of complexity;
b) To meet the growing demand for solutions to complex problems in various application fields by
developing and/or using innovative statistical tools, specifically designed to tackle the specific
aspects of application fields and of data they might generate;
c) To develop strategies for the management of novel data types as, for instance, those emerging
from the contemporaneous presence of various elements of complexity;
d) To contribute to the definition of general approaches for inference on complex data of different
origin, that will become the methodological infrastructure for the developments of modelling,
forecasting and classification strategies.

The new position builds on the project “Statistical models for complex data” and the selected
candidate will be involved in the development of the project activities. In the evaluation of the
research proposals, adherence to the project topics is a necessary requirement.

The candidates must be PhD graduates with at least one year of post-doctoral research experiences
in Italian or international research institutes of recognized scientific quality. Candidates must have
their degree by the selection announcement deadline and the PhD program in which they have been
enrolled should have lasted for at least three years. For additional details on the requirements,
limits, exclusions and further rules governing the selection, see

The research grant has an annual gross amount of 28.500 Euro covered by the Project of Excellence
financial resources, is issued in accordance with the current Regulations Governing Research Grant
Awards. The research has to be conducted at the Department of Statistical Sciences.

In addition, the winning projects will be provided with financial contribution towards research
expenses with an amount of 4000 Euro (for missions, translations and language revisions, durable

For further details on the call, the application procedure, and other formal requirements, see
– Deadline August 9, 2018