We are looking for a full-time research assistant to conduct research in statistics, which should lead
to a PhD degree after four years (yearly contracts, renewable after each year conditional upon a
positive evaluation). The position is to be taken up as soon as possible.

The research will be conducted, among others, in the context of an FWO research grant
“Encompassing flexible mean and quantile regression”, under guidance of Profs Irène Gijbels (KU
Leuven) and Anneleen Verhasselt (UHasselt). This research is in the area of mathematical statistics,
and focuses on nonparametric and semi-parametric techniques for flexible modelling of, for example,
mean and quantile functions. You will be part of a larger research interuniversity team, and at both
universities you find dynamic and pleasant working environments, in groups which conduct research
at the highest international level.

Candidates for the PhD position should have a very strong interest in statistics, mathematics or
econometrics and preferably have a background as Master of Science in Statistics, Mathematics,
Biostatistics, Applied Economics, Business Engineering, Economics, Civil Engineering or Computer
Science. An average yearly result of “distinction” during the university education is required, as is a
very decent knowledge of written and spoken English. Master’s and undergraduate students in their
last year are especially encouraged to apply.
The postdoctoral position is a one year position, to be filled as soon as possible. Candidates should
have obtained a PhD in statistics (preferably mathematical statistics), and a very strong interest in
semiparametric and nonparametric statistical methodology and inference.

For further information please contact one of the following persons via email:
irene.gijbels@kuleuven.be (for information on the PhD position and the postdoctoral position),
anneleen.verhasselt@uhasselt.be (for information on the PhD position).
An application letter with motivation and a detailed curriculum vitae (including exam results, details
on academic achievements, and 2 names for reference letters request) should be sent to Prof. I.
Gijbels, irene.gijbels@kuleuven.be, Leuven Statistics Research Centre and Dept. of Mathematics,
Celestijnenlaan 200B, Box 2400, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium. Applications received by July 25, 2018, will
be given full considerations. Applications received later will be considered until positions are filled, in
particular for the postdoctoral position.

Prof. Irène Gijbels
Department of Mathematics
Leuven Statistics Research Center
E-mail: Irene.gijbels@kuleuven.be
Tel : 016 322018


Prof. Anneleen Verhasselt
Interuniversity Institute for Biostatistics and statistical
E-mail: anneleen.verhasselt@uhasselt.be
Tel : 011 268278