International Statistical Institute (ISI) Online Short Courses Programme

6 May – 1 July 2021


Following the tradition of the previous years, the ISI will be holding its 2021 edition of the Short Courses prior to the biennial ISI World Statistics Congress.

The courses are scheduled from 6 May – 1 July 2021 in 3 hour-sessions each day from 14.00-17.00 CEST.

The programme is organized in cooperation with the ISI Associations and covers a wide range of topics from the areas of statistics and data science (listed below).

We invite you to register for the course(s) of your choice as soon as possible in order to secure your spot. Registrations can be made via Short Courses 2021 – ISI (

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We are looking forward to your participation!

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International Statistical Institute

·       6 May   Large-Scale Spatial Data Science
Instructors: Prof. Marc Genton, Dr. Huang Huang, Dr. Sameh Abdulah

·       10 May – 12 May   Quality of multisource statistics
Instructors: Dr. Arnout van Delden, Dr. Ton de Waal

·       17 May Fraud Analytics
Instructor: Dr. Tahir Ekin

·       18 May – 19 May  Financial Accounts – Concepts, compilation and use
Instructors: Henning Ahnert, Pierre Sola, Maciej Anacki, Andreas Hertkorn

·       20 May – 21 May  Building technical editing and science communication skills for 21st Century
Instructors: Prof. Elena N. Naumova, Prof. Alessandro Fassò

·       25 May – 27 May  Introduction to Graph Sampling
Instructors: Prof. Li-Chun Zhang, Dr. Melike Oguz-Alper

·       28 May  An Introductory Course in Competing Risks
Instructor: Jacobo de Uña-Álvarez

·       31 May Recurrent Event Analysis in R with the reReg package
Instructor: Dr. Sy Han (Steven) Chiou

·       1 June – 3 June  Spatial Statistical Learning
Instructors: Dr. Soutir Bandyopadhyay, Dr. William Kleiber, Dr. Douglas Nychka

·       4 June  Reshaping challenging data to produce insightful graphs – a quick start to using R tidyverse tools
Instructors: Prof. John Bailer, Assoc. Prof. Thomas Fisher

·       7 June – 9 June   Statistical Theory of Deep Learning
Instructor: Dr. Sophie Langer

·       10 June – 11 June  Statistical Disclosure Control: Past, Present and Future
Instructor: Prof. Natalie Shlomo

·       14 June – 15 June   Introduction to Machine Learning
Instructor: Prof. David Banks

·       16 June – 17 June   Data Science and Predictive Analytics (DSPA)
Instructor: Prof. Dr. Ivo D. Dinov

·       18 June   Bootstrap Methods and Permutation Tests
Instructor: Tim Hesterberg

·       21 June – 22 June   Basketball Data Analysis
Instructors: Prof. Marica Manisera, Prof. Paola Zuccolotto

·       23 June   Teaching Data Science

Instructors: Dr. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Dr. Colin Rundel

·       24 June    Communicating health data: the COVID-19 experience — day 1 
Instructors: Prof. Fulvia Mecatti, Prof. Clelia Di Serio

·       28 June   Precision medicine: A statistical perspective on estimating the best treatment strategy
Instructor: Dr. Erica E.M. Moodie

·       29 June – 30 June  Cure Models: Methods, Applications, and Implementation
Instructors: Dr. Yingwei Peng, Dr. Binbing Yu

·       1 July  Communicating health data: the COVID-19 experience — day 2

Instructors: Prof. Fulvia Mecatti, Prof. Clelia Di Serio